Thank You to the Healthcare Workers

As the world slowly self-isolates to “flatten the curve” against the coronavirus and we head seemingly powerless into what lies ahead I’m in awe of those going above and beyond to save as many of us as possible.

THANK YOU to the healthcare workers who have the safety of our newest arrivals in their hands.

THANK YOU for making the difficult decision to limit visitor numbers to maternity wards to protect new mothers, babies and your precious staff.  

Sending big air hugs to those new Mum’s and Dad’s who are having to wait to introduce their newborn baby’s to older brothers and sisters, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunties and uncles – it’s not ideal but so necessary.

THANK YOU to the healthcare workers working tirelessly to treat those with the coronavirus (COVID-19), and testing those who may have coronavirus (COVID-19).  You are our hero’s.

THANK YOU to the scientists working around the clock for a cure to the coronavirus and a COVID-19 vaccine.  You are our hero’s.

For more and the most up to date information on the restrictions on visitors at maternity hospitals in my local vicinity of inner-Melbourne check their websites directly:

Frances Perry House
Royal Women’s Hospital
St Vincent’s Private Maternity Hospital
Epworth Freemason’s Hospital

Be kind, refrain from panic buying and go and wash your hands.
Paula x