Your biggest adventure yet is here - motherhood

This truly beautiful experience of carrying and growing your baby deserves to be celebrated...for both you and your baby.  It's where their story begins after all.

As your pregnancy progresses you'll no doubt feel like it's the longest 9 months of your life as you grow increasingly impatient waiting to meet your little companion, however, once baby arrives and you're totally consumed with them on the outside you'll quickly forget how you looked, how you felt, and how big you were.  So capture this time, these memories.....for you and them.  

100% of my past maternity clients DON'T REGRET doing a maternity photoshoot during their pregnancy. 

Whereas around 70% of my past newborn clients who didn't do a maternity photoshoot do regret not capturing memories of their pregnancy

My maternity style is very natural, allowing the focus to be centred on you, your baby bump and capturing the love that you and your partner already have for your little one.

I aim to keep pregnancy sessions as relaxed and as fun as possible for you.  I'm well experienced at putting people at ease in front of my camera and guiding you into flattering but natural poses.  It's entirely up to you how little or how much of your baby bump you choose to bear.

Maternity + Newborn Photoshoot Collections are available, please contact me for details.