Journey to Parenthood

Not every journey to parenthood is easy, some paths are littered with heartache, needles, nervous 2 week waits, shattered hopes, indescribably painful losses, grief, heartbreaking decisions to stop trying, before unexpected turns that lead to MIRACLE BABIES! ⁣

This right here is the heartwarming picture of pure joy at realising motherhood after being blessed with a miracle baby ?⁣

These are the stories that give so many of us hope and revitalise me and keep me doing this job!⁣

Where are you on your journey to parenthood? 

⁣Let me know with an emoji in the comments :

?‍♀️ if you too have been blessed with a miracle baby ⁣

??if you are waiting on the arrival of your miracle baby⁣

? if you are desperately praying for a miracle baby⁣

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