Ex-pat parents in Melbourne

Many of the new parents who come to see me are ex-pats.

Being so far from their families who just want to spend time doting on the newest family member and helping their kids ease into parenthood can mean the arrival of their new baby can in some ways be bittersweet ?⁣

As often as possible I do my best to schedule your newborn shoots so we can include grandparents into some of the photos, so when it comes time for them to go back home they leave with some lovely visual reminders of them together…⁣

Messages like this from Helen make my day and remind me how much my work is appreciated.⁣

”Thank you so much for the photos. Mum and John love them and the video, so kind of you to make that for them before they head home, they’re made up. They’re leaving tonight, mums getting a bit upset about missing Tom, but at least she’ll have your lovely photos to put up around the house till we go over in 8 weeks.”