Flying with newborns

Newborn Baby Girl, Melbourne

At just three weeks old, this little lady is already getting ready to take her first flight, home.
Matilda arrived a month early here in Melbourne and her parents are taking her home to Northern Territory this week.
Flying with newborns/babies is stressful for many parents.

Like all things newborn baby there is so much conflicting advice out there for new parents to make flying with a new baby as stress-free as possible:

1. Board first as most airlines recommend vs. Board Last to disrupt other passengers as little as possible
2. Feed before boarding vs. Feed during take-off and landing to assist with equalising the babies ears with changes in the cabin pressure
3. Request an aisle seat so you are able to easily get up and walk to comfort your baby vs. Request the window seat to avoid having to get up to let other passengers in the row out

What did you find worked for you?

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