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Love Wins….Finally | Melbourne Portrait Photographer

Marriage Equality, Australia

Love is Love and today love wins and just like that dreams become reality for so many! What an amazing day for Australia, so happy for all those who have waited so long just to be seen as equals. SaveSave SaveSave

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Wisteria, the colour of spring | Paula Andrews Photography

Girl under Wisteria Arch

Wisteria – the colour of spring I escaped the city to clear my head, get a dose of fresh country air and appreciate Mother Nature’s artwork today. I’ve concluded I need to do it way more often…. This stunning Japanese Wisteria Archway is at Alowyn Gardens in the Yarra Valley.

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Thanks Mum | Newborn Photography, Melbourne

Mother kissing newborn on bed

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Mum’s our there. Thank you for all you do and all the love you give your little (and not so little) sons and daughters. You are blessed to be able to call yourself a mother. Treasure every moment of it xx.

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Montsalvat Bride | Montsalvat Wedding Photography, Melbourne

Montsalvat Bride, Melbourne Wedding Photography by Paula Andrews

It’s no secret that I love to photograph babies, but it may come as a surprise that what I really love to photograph the most is LOVE. The love parents have for the new little people in their lives, the love between new parents, the love between brothers and sisters and the love between loved-up […]

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Framed Handmade Artisan Prints | Newborn Photographer, Melbourne

framed torn edge print of newborn twins by melbourne newborn photographer, Paula Andrews

You’re getting ready to welcome a new member to your family –  the car seat and pram are sorted,  the nursery is coming together and you have filled the drawers with freshly washed and folded tiny little outfits, cankles are starting to appear and next on your to-do list is to book a newborn photographer. You […]

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